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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Okay, let’s face it. Republicans are stupid.

If you knew this already, then you would’ve seen this post coming, but for those of you who don’t know, yesterday, the national debt of the United States reached…….8 trillion dollars.


12 zeros. Eight Trillion Dollars. Jesus tap-dancing Christ on a pogo stick, where the hell did we go wrong?!?
I know.
Okay, where?
1979. When we elected Ronald Reagan. That, my friends is where we went wrong. For, when we elected Ronald Reagan, the debt was at roughly $845,116,000,000.00, most of which was from the Vietnam War. By the time Reagan left office in 1987, the debt was at $ 2,350,276,890,953.00. Now, I’m not the best at math, but this motherfucker tripled the debt. He tripled it!!! Now, in Bush #1’s term, the debt went from the big number that starts with a 2, to $3,665,303,351,697.03 He increased it by 1.5 trillion dollars. Now, Clinton isn’t anything to brag about, he did a crappy job as well (to the tune of $2,008,874,858,000). Good ‘ol Dubya has taken our $5,674,178,209,886.86 debt in 2000, to our current (today) debt of $8,013,731,899,256.73. Now, using my TI-83 calculator, I calculated that the last 3 republican administrations have increased the national debt by about $5,159,741,041,000. And about half of this lies squarely on the shoulders of Ronald Wilson Reagan. He wasn’t that great of a President, and I wish that all you die hard Nazis would get over his death. Okay, yes, he “ended” the Cold War. But that was gonna happen anyways, cause Soviet society was in such shambles by the 1980’s. All of these old, balding idiot bastards (including Clinton, but to a lesser extent) fucked up the future of America, and for that they need to be shunned from society, and hung by their entrails in the streets of Havana. Or Fallujah. Whatever, just do something painful to them.
I’d call them communists, but Republicans and commies have about as much in common as my penis and a hand grenade, so I’ll just call them all fuck-ups.

In conclusion:

Nice job fucking up the country Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Dubya. I hate you fuck ups.

If you don’t believe the stats, check out the official US debt counter, and the most accurate unofficial US debt counter

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Monday, October 24, 2005

George Bush and FOX News

Watch this:

George Bush and FOX News: A conspiracy to keep us all in fear.

If, for whatever reason, the link doesn’t work, go to www.dumpalink.com and search for FOX Facts, unless it’s on the front page.

Special thanks to The Little Master for putting this on his blog. (thelittlemaster.blogspot.com)

If I drank and smoked, I’d need a drink and a smoke right now.

I need a drink because right now I am being forced to listen to some crappy rap song by some douche who didn’t finish elementary school, because the stereotype sitting behind me likes it. I don’t exactly know what it’s about, but I can guarantee you I’m right to some degree. The song is by:

Some guy with the name “Lil _____”, or it’s by 50 cent.
It’s about hookers, or how much of a pimp/badass he is.
In the video, there’s at least 40 women with implants dancing badly or moving in slow motion.
Also in the video, Lil _____ is wearing $20,000 in communist gold chains.
You can’t tell what the hell Lil_____ is saying.
Lil _____ say the word “nigger” or some variant of it at least twice.
Lil _____curses about 10 times.
Some form of booze apperrs at least once.

Those 8 reasons are why rap is crap, the standout reason being that you can’t tell what they’re saying. I mean, I don’t have a problem with old-school rap from the late 80’s/early 90’s. I even like some of the songs. But this crap that’s been out since about1994 is manure from the ass of Comrade Khruschev’s horse. I like to compare this to that pop shit from the late 90’s. Hopefully bad rap will die out as did Britney Spears, NSYNC and of course, the demon Backstreet Boys. They need to go to hell and die.

In conclusion:

I hate rap

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

I’m tired of bitches bitching about the Star Wars DVD/VHS box set

I’m sure you all have run across someone (let’s call him Patrick) who bitches, “George Lucas is ruining our Star Wars movies! He’s altering and destroying our childhood memories!”, all while digging in their asses for treasure and jacking off to pictures of Ryan Seacrest’s vagina. Okay, first off, they’re not ‘your’ movies, they’re his movies. If they were your movies Patrick, it would say, ‘Executive Producer: Patrick”, not “Executive Producer: George Lucas”. Also, the copyright would say: “‘Star Wars’ Copyright Patrick, 1977″ not “‘Star Wars’ Copyright George Lucas, 1977″. They’re his movies, and he should be free to alter them as he pleases without a bunch of commie fanboys assraping him along the way. That’s what’s so great about America. Freedom. This isn’t fucking China, or the Soviet Union, comrade. Anyways, if Patrick’s childhood memories consist only of Star Wars movies, then Patrick must’ve had a really crappy childhood. If this is the case, then he doesn’t need to write Lucas hate mail, he needs fucking therapy. The newer versions of the old movies are fine, otherwise bitchy fanboys wouldn’t buy them. Don’t you just hate hypocrites?
Oh, another note-
Scroll down and read the other posts as well, my honor demands it.
Don’t be intimidated of the leave a comment link. Only commies are scared of the link. Are you a commie?
In conclusion:
Fanboys suck ass
Leave a comment if you have something to say
Ryan Seacrest has a vagina, you heard it here for the 2,474,985th time
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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I Hate Mondays.

I know that I am writing this on a Tuesday, but just go with it. I hate Mondays, mainly because it’s just so fucking hard to get back into the school/work week. You get to school, and it’s like, “Holy fucking god. I am so tired of doing fucking work. Fuck fuck fuck shit. Fuck.” Every Monday morning, I feel like killing a little baby chipmunk. I’m just so full of hatred because I have to wake up at 5 or 6:00 in the morning to go to school, and then I have to listen to my stupid teacher talk to me in Spanish like I know what the fuck she’s saying! I hate Mondays almost as much as I hate communism. I think that Mondays should not be a full work and school day; they should just ease us back into the daily grind, so to speak. Especially after a long break, like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Mondays are so ugly and evil, they are the spawn of Ho Chi Minh and an old shoe.

In Conclusion:

Mondays are Communist

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Andy Milonakis is a herpes-infested douche.

I watched The Andy Milonakis Show the other day, and I felt like shaving my ass and shooting myself afterwards. The entire show was completely random and stupid, but the thing I hated the most was that damn theme song. Why the hell is everything on his head? What’s the big fucking deal with his head? Someone tell me. Why would someone have frozen vegetables and a dead martial arts master on their head? More importantly, why would someone want a corpse on their head? This show and Wildboys (sounds like a porno) and Viva La Bam are in my opinion, nothing but a sad substitution for the best thing MTV has ever had on the air: Jackass. If Jackass were a bunch of Vikings, then they would raid the red communist villages of The Andy Milonakis Show, Wildboys and Viva La Bam (Right after killing the Smurfs). Jackass would then proceed to pillage the gold, kill Bam Margera and Andy Milonakis and then watch nude lesbians play volleyball on Bam Margera’s pillaged TV. Anybody who likes Viva La Bam, The Andy Milonakis Show, and/or Wildboys should be shot, and be tossed in Lenin’s grave. Long live Jackass. Long live Johnny Knoxville.

In Conclusion:

Jackass rules. Bam Margera has gonnorhea.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

(#1) This person is so god damn stupid, it’s unbelievable

This is the first post in an ongoing series of posts, that details encounters with retards on the internet. I’ll try to update this series at least once a week.

Have you ever met a person, and without even having them talk to you, you concluded that this person is really fucking stupid? Here are some people I’ve come across on the “internets”, that are so god damn stupid, it’s unbelievable.

The Third M?n

This person reviewed The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola’s movie based on Mario Puzo’s novel. He gave it a 4 out of 10. Personally, I think The Godfather is one of the best movies ever. But his 4/10 is not the stupid part. Here’s the stupid part:

“The Godfather also tries to have some memorable moments, like the horse head in the bed scene, but everyone knows that is blatantly stolen from an episode of The Simpsons. The restaurant scene is highly overrated as well.”

Um…stolen from The Simpsons? The Simpsons didn’t show up until the late 1980’s. Hell, FOX didn’t even show up until the 80’s. And The Godfather hit theaters, horse head and all, in 1972. How the hell could Coppola have stolen the horse head sequence from the Simpsons in 1972, when the Simpsons weren’t even created until the late 1980’s?!?!?! And on top of that, the episode of The Simpsons where they spoofed the horse head scene wasn’t even animated until 1993, A FULL 21 YEARS AFTER IT WAS IN THE GODFATHER. I don’t think I need to say anymore on this f_cking moron.

You can read his full retarded review here.

In conclusion:

The Last M?n is an idiotic communist

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Fuck you David. You too, George “Dubya” Bush.

George W. Bush. The president of the United States of America. Remember the good ‘ol days, when a president had to have an IQ of at least 100? Back when the president had to be mentally capable of beating a banana at chess? Back when the President didn’t get the US into wars, and alienate nearly all of our allies, just for some oil? Yes, my friends, I fear that the good ‘ol days have come to a close. This became certain once Bush announced that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction, and once all of you republicans believed him. Don’t you think that if Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and was linked to Al-Qaeda, he would have used them on us immediately after the 9/11 attacks, as an aftershock of sorts? Republicans should think things through before they go and fuck everything up. Oh wait, I’m sorry. Bush’s brain is not capable of the complex process of thought, it’s simply too much for his communist brain to comprehend.
Actually, I recall one time when a reporter asked him, “Mr. President, how do you explain the fact that the UN has inspected every square inch of Iraq, and has found no weapons of mass destruction?” Bush reverted to his primal instincts. He stuck out his lip, reached down into his pants, and flung his feces at the reporter. He then proceeded to hop around the room naked and screaming, and fling more poo at reporters. As you can tell through this eyewitness account, our president is a moron. A man who barely passed grade school, went AWOL in the Texas Air National Guard, did cocaine, ran the profitable drilling company Arbusto into the ground, and used his second cousin’s position at FOX news, and his brother Jeb’s governor position in Florida to cheat in the presidential election should not be the leader of the free world. Simply put, George Bush is a communist, and he is simply not fit to be the President of the United States of America. If only he would get a blowjob by some intern…Nice move warning Bush of the dangers of infidelity, Clinton.

In conclusion:

Fuck you David. Fuck you Dubya.

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help me

If anyone knows how to get all of my profile crap back on the right side of the page, please tell me. It dissappeared after I posted my hatred of leet speak. Thank you.

UPDATE: Never mind, I did it.

UPDATE II: If anyone ever looks at this again (I doubt it), the pic is for another post.

//hy d0 ppl f33l 7h3 33d 70 7yp3 1 1337 5p34k?!?!?

Leet/l33t/1337 speak is quite possibly the worst thing to ever plague the internet. I don’t know who came up with it, but if you know who did, please give me their home address so I can burn their house down and kick them in the nuts. I don’t know about you, but it is so much easier to read things in normal english. Let’s take a look at an example:

The life of the wife is ended by the knife.

7h3 l1f3 0f 7h3 //1f3 15 3d3d 8y 7h3 k1f3.

It even takes longer to type in leet speak. I have concluded that leet speak is pointless, stupid, inefficent, and down-right communist. Another thing, which is slightly more efficent than leet, but still communist, is AIM speak. AIM speak, as you probably know, is shit like, “lol” “rofl” “lmao” “ttyl” “w/e” “wat/wut”, etc. Poeple sound so damn stupid when they type like this. What’s even worse, is when they actually speak these words. Like, if they hear something funny, then they will actually say “lol”. Nothing pisses me off more than that. Not even George Bush or the Patriots. For every time I hear someone use AIM speak in conversation, I shall burn down an orphanage. Hopefully that will convince these assholes to stop sounding like morons. But, what is even worse than leet speak, or AIM speak, is combining the two. “l0l”, “l//40” You get the idea. SPEAK ENGLISH, YOU FUCKING TWITS. It’s not that hard, especially if you were born and raised in Britain or the United States. I can understand (maybe) if you were born and raised somewhere where english is not spoken, but for people who were born with the language, this is just unacceptable. If you can’t speak the language, then get the fuck out of the country.

In conclusion:

I fucking hate leet and AIM speak

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Sunday, October 9, 2005

Probles with having testicles.

To all the guys out there, have you ever been in a public place, away from the bathroom, and all of a sudden, you realize, “Holy crap. My balls really hurt.” You immediately think that you need to find a private place and readjust down there. But you’re in the middle of being forced by your spouse to listen to a keynote speech about the carelessness of men, at the Woman Homemaker Organization’s Revival and Empowerment festival, or WHOREfest. As the speaker rambles on about, “Men don’t care about our needs. They aren’t sensitive at all. Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch,” the pain builds in your crotch. Finally, after 20 minutes of excruciating pain, you stand and scream, “I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!” You reach down your pants and grab your nuts, and finally put them in a comfortable position. “Ahhhhhhh….That’s good.” you say. After a long uncomfortable silence, some fat woman in the corner sets aside her bon-bons and says, “You insensitive perverted oaf! I can’t believe you decided to pleasure yourself out here like this.”
“No, wait. I can explain-” Before you finish, the room erupts in anti-man catchphrases, and women calling you an oaf. Your spouse escorts you back home, where she kicks you out of her house. With no home, your only time spent indoors is at your job, which you get fired from, because your ex told the media that you masturbated at WHOREfest. Left with no house, no job, no money and no dignity, you live on the streets, in a cardboard box next to a crackhouse, all because you have balls.
Ladies, it’s harder than you think it is to be a man. Please get off our backs.

In conclusion:

The WHOREfest thing is just a joke; I don’t have a problem with women. Just extreme feminists.

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I f_cking hate these guys.->

Note: This image is copyrighted to NAMBLA. It does not imply my or blogger.com’s support of NAMBLA in any way, nor does in imply NAMBLA’s support of blogger.com or the Tome of Communism, obviously.

NAMBLA-Why the hell are these perverts not in jail yet?

When I first heard of NAMBLA, it was on the South Park episode, “Cartman Joins NAMBLA”. The organization was so perverted and gross, I thought that it had to have been made up by Trey and Matt. But then I went to Wikipedia. I chose the random article link, and happened to get NAMBLA. I remember saying to myself, “Holy shit, these guys are real?!?!” They claim that they are “a support group for intergenerational relationships”, that advocates “sexual freedom for all”. In laymans terms, they wanna f_ck 8 year olds. I don’t know about you, but in my book, these guys are like the spawn of Adolph Hitler and Josef Stalin. Just as perverted and evil as you can get. Who wants to have sex with children?!?!?!? Why would someone want to have sex with a child?? I just don’t get it. Bottom line, all members of NAMBLA are perverts, they are poisoning the gene pool, and all of their testicles should be severed from their bodies, to prevent those bastards from having children. If one of those assholes came to my house, I’d grab a nailgun, and a .44 magnum from the closet. I’d nail him to the wall, and then load the rounds into the revolver, one by one. Then I would proceed to repeatedly shoot him in the crotch, until he promised to quit NAMBLA, and never have kids. NAMBLA is communist and evil, and those bastards should be in jail.

In conclusion:

F_ck you NAMBLA. F_ck you and your stupid communist logo.

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Saturday, October 8, 2005

The best show Comedy Central ever canceled.


Grab a beer and drop your pants!
Send your wife and kids to France!
It’s the MAN SHOW!
Quit your job and light a fart!
Yank your favorite private part!
It’s the MAN SHOW!
It’s a place where men can come together!
Look at the cans on this chick named Heather!
Juggy girls on Trampolines!
Time to loosen those blue jeans!
It’s the MAN SHOW!!!!!!

Yes, yes. The Man Show (The good one with Adam and Jimmy) is back! Reruns will be shown on G4TV at 10:00pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific, starting Monday, October 10th and every weekday afterwards, for those of us unlucky enough to have the DVDs. So, stay up until 10, or set your TiVos to record The Man Show on G4TV. (In the DC area on Comcast cable, it’s channel 162). Woozie demands that you do.

In conclusion;
I acknowledge that I didn’t create this image. it came from here.
Listen to Jimi Hendrix while watching The Man Show
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Care Bears? More like…Turn-our-kids-into-wussie-communists-Bears!

I really hate all this warm, fuzzy crap that people are funneling into America’s kids, you know? Shit like, Bob the Builder. Barney. Barbie. Kelly Clarkson. All red commie shit. Shit shit shit. I think that Mattel, PBS, Nickelodeon and MTV are in cahoots with Osama Bin Laden and Cuba! That’s right, it’s a conspiracy. Osama and Fidel are using the “Axis of Entertainment Evil” to warp our kids minds, and turn them into pussified tree-hugging hippies, afraid to put a 5.56 through Osama’s eyeball. Once the pussification of the United States is complete, America will be left completely defenseless, with no Army. Then, Osama and Cuba will launch their attack on America’s wang, with 50,000 Communistaliban troops. They will march north through wave after wave of hippies protesting our government. The hippies will even help them along the way. They will build bridges and highways, and protest the Communistaliban’s enemies into submission. Once in Washington, The Communistaliban will storm the White House lawns, and easily take out the last loyal Secret Service agents. They will take command of the Oval office and kill the President (who will be cowering in a corner, due to his watching of Barney until he was 17. Damn you PBS!) So, please help save America. Sit the nearest 1-10 year old down. Make them watch Scarface 12 times in a row, and then force them to play a Tom Clancy game for 12 hours. Repeat the process until the child calls you a commie bitch and tries to kill you.

And if you actually think I believe all this, then you are quite possibly the dumbest idiot on the entire planet. Except for George W. Bush.

In conclusion:

I acknowledge that I did not create this image. It came from desperatetimes.org


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Friday, October 7, 2005

I hate the New England Patriots.

Am I the only one that noticed, that before September 11th, 2001, the Patriots sucked? They were one of the worst teams in the league. They lost to the Redskins (their last pre-9/11 game). But right after the towers fell, the Patriots were unstoppable. They went undefeated all the way to the superbowl. At first, I bought into that story, that “the catastrophe had inspired them to play their best for America”. But then, I watched their playoff game with the Oakland Raiders in 2002. I don’t remember what the play was exactly, but for all intents and purposes, lets say it was a disputed interception. For an interception to be offical, the interceptor has to be in control of the ball when his knee hits the ground. Oakland’s QB threw the ball and a defensive lineman for the Patriots caught the ball. On his way down, the ball wobbled in his arms, and it fell out. The ball hit the ground before his knee. Refs called it an interception. Oakland calls for a challenge. All of the people on the sidelines, and the commentators agreed that it was not an interception, but the Refs decided to let the call stand. Thats when it hit me. The NFL was fixing games for the New England Patriots. After that, I’ve hated them to no end, which is why they are red commie bastards. (I wonder what would happen if they changed their name to the New England Taliban for 1 season). I don’t have a problem with pre-9/11 patriots fans, but for all the people who jumped on the post-9/11 Patriots-loving bandwagon, here’s a big ‘ol F_CK YOU straight from my heart.

In conclusion:

I hate the New England Communists

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Debt Consolidation and other crap

I hate it when I get things in my email like, “Lower your mortgage payments by 57%!”, or “In debt up to your eyeballs? You got to go to www.debtconsolidation.ussr for free debt consolidation! It’s crazy!” from USGFAKJHFKUASYFKASDK@imastupidcommie.com I’m 15 years old. I don’t have a mortgage. Why do people send me stuff like this. Does anybody actually click on those emails? I guarantee you, liek 98.9% of the time, it’s a virus that infects your computer, and replaces all images and your desktop with Tubgirl pictures. Anybody who clicks on things like that is either desperate or has the IQ of a moldy French fry.

Anyways, you know what’s communist? The Star Wars prequel trilogy. I know Episode III came out back in may, but I don’t care. Let’s analyze what’s wrong with the prequel trilogy, and compare it to the original one.

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope-Great action, good story. Darth Vader kicks ass.
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace-BORING PIECE OF SHIT. Finally, the most badass character Lucas ever created, Darth Maul, and Lucas just kills him. Like he’s nothing. George Lucas is an idiot for doing that. Maul should’ve gone out with some flare, like being blown up in a prototype Star Destroyer while having sex with Pamela Anderson. I don’t really remember much from the movie, I fell asleep.

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back-Best Star Wars movie ever. Vader kicks Luke’s ass, The Rebel hideout is destroyed, and finally a mainstream movie where the bad guys win.
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones-Don’t know, fell asleep. Probably a hunk of shit, like Episode I

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi-Though the worst of the three original ones, still pretty good. It was pretty cool to see the Super Star Destroyer’s bridge, explode, and fall down into space (which doesn’t make sense, because there’s only gravity around planets, satellites (moons) and large asteroids) The Emperor died and blew up, a fitting end.
Star Wars Episode III-Revenge of the Sith-Seemed good because I saw it at the Uptown Theater in DC, where they have a huge screen and the best sound system ever. But I saw it again at a normal theater, and it was crap. Less crap than the other two, but still crap. The acting (which is always bad, but it was particularly bad in III) completely ruined the movie. Bottom line, if you haven’t seen the original trilogy, don’t. It’s freeze-dried elk turds bitching for 6 hours.

In conclusion,

Dont watch the original trilogy

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Thursday, October 6, 2005

Like a certain pirate on a website once said,
If these TV shows were people, I would embrace their genocide.
  • American Idol- This has got to be one of the worst reality shows I have ever seen. I’ll admit, the auditions are funny. I always watch the auditions. But everything after that is freeze-dried crap. Often times all of the contestants all sound the same, and the judges are all stereotypes in their own right. There’s Simon, the nasty Brit who hates everyone. Then there’s Paula, the sweet girl who loves everyone, and finally, Randy. The fat black guy who calls everyone “dawg” and likes fried chicken. Way to advance your people in society, guys. And how could I forget the controversial vote-off tat everyone disagrees with, as there is in every reality show. And I don’t get why it’s so tense when it’s down to the final two. Both of them are going to get ecord contracts anyways, who gives a damn?
  • The O.C.-Yet another crappy teen drama. There’s the “sexy rebel blonde guy” and all the other whores that noone cares about, and they all bitch about their crappy lives in Orange County. ORANGE COUNTY. It’s not even possible to have a bad life in Orange county! A bad life is every day, when you’re walking to the street corner to buy crack for your abusive stepfather, and then you get shot in the knees on the way there. You fall in the street and are run over by a truck. Finally, your crippled body is peed on by a hobo, who mistook you for a newspaper. THAT is a bad life. Quit bitching, you rich bastards.
  • Everything on UPN-A bunch of fat people who like chicken and say “Girlfriend, please.” “O no you di’int!” “Dawg!” What’s with TV executives and blaxploitation? My solution is to kick UPN off the air after all, their slogan is:

UPN! Setting black people back 35 years in society

Every time you watch a bad TV show, God kills 62 babies.

Save a life; stop watching Reality TV. Stop watching Teen Dramas. Stop watching UPN.

Some other stuff

  • Al-Qaeda Want ads-The terrorist organization Al-Qaeda has put up want ads on the web, hopefully to attract volunteers to help videotape those threats that never come true.
  • $212 for a PSPbox? Where do I sign?!?!?-There was a guy on eBay who got tricked into buying a PSP box for 212 dollars, because he didn’t read the description well enough. He appealed to eBay, claiming that he was scammed, but eBay said he should’ve read more carefully. What an idiot. Just goes to show you, read the fine print.

In conclusion,

I acknowledge that I did not create this image, the logo belongs to UPN, and the picture is from yahoo.com.

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First Post

Okay, this particular blog is called The Tome of Communism. It is all about things I hate. Currently, the Tome is a book that is 66 pages (and growing) in length. It all started in my 9th grade government class (I’m in 10th now), and Pat W. (more on him later) really pissed me off. I wanted to insult him, but didn’t want to use the standard “jackass”, or “P.O.S.” We also happened to be talking about the Soviet Union that day, so I just blurted out “Shut up commie!” An instant hit.

Ever since, I (and several friends) have been writing entries into the tome almost daily. And noone can be spared. I think Mother Teresa is in there somewhere. I will be posting a random entry from the Tome as often as possible. So, let’s start off with Pat W. He is this British pasty white, really stupid moron, who is always playing those damn calculator games on his TI-83. He talks like Boomhauer from King of the Hill, has this matted down, greasy hair, and on top of that, he is an anti-semite, and a racist. Often when he needs to come up with an insult quickly, he will instinctively call you “stupid jew”, “c_cksucking jew”, or “son-of-a-jew” I think it is now pretty obvious why he is a communist.

So, in conclusion:


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