crazy he calls me

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crazy He Calls Me

Well it’s 6 AM on a Thursday, I don’t have any finals (or any obligations) today. I woke up wanting to fuck around online but my roommate was still asleep, so I made my way down to the creepy basement study rooms. I figure nobody would be down there at 6 AM on a Thursday, right? Wrong. Fucking moonfolk. Lucky for me I brought headphones. And who should my fancy new iPod Touch think is appropriate for 6 AM Thursday listening but Lady Gaga? Now, I make it no secret that I love me some Gaga. Why? I’m not entirely sure; everything I’ve ever known or felt about music tells me I should despise her, but goddamn I can’t. Ever the unpredictable wardrobe, infectious bouncy jams, fantastic music videos…she’s got this endearing mystery about her and I want to know so much more than I do. Whether or not she has a penis.

Speaking of crazy, what should I see on my Google News page but a story about Sarah Palin’s new book? First off there’s a name I happily haven’t heard in months. Second off, I didn’t know she could string together enough coherent thoughts to make up a book. And not just any book, a “tell-all” book. I was unaware there’s something about her curious life that we didn’t already know. Where Gaga is the eclectic, artistic crazy I can love, Sarah Palin is the dim-witted, short-sighted crazy I can love to hate. Everything that falls out of her mouth sounds like something a political science 101 student would say, thinking they know everything there is to know having managed a B+ in the class. Sometimes I think inept is a better word to describe her than dumb, but any synonym for stupid perfectly matches her base. What money they don’t give to her they likely spend at Cash4Gold. At the very least she should have released her book much closer to 2012 so she could ride the inevitable wave of superficial popularity to a Presidential nomination. Maybe she thinks the world’s going to end in three years so she’s cashing in now.

But back to happier thoughts. Thriller homages, pincer heels, and faux polar bearskin dresses galore! With her sort-of sophomore release out as of yesterday, let’s hope Gaga sticks around for more than 15 minutes.


Southside Rabbitslayer

You've got your hand on the pulse of the Nation. Yesterday on The News Hour there were two book reviews goin' down, one on google and one on paylin'.

Guess which one got this in the Amazon, "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought – Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government… by Glenn Beck"

The corespondents opinion of why Palin was doing this now and not later is to follow the American dream and rid herself of lawsuits and have enough left over to get rich at the same time. When asked if she was going to run for president in 2012, she said that wasn't planning on it but would if the american people would have her.

I can't help but see the Freedom Fri version of her book, Going rouge – An american menstrual cycle.

I just checked out Palin's Facebook, don't have time but i'm sure this is packed full of Luz.

I'm shocked Wooz, i thought for sure we'd hear something from you about our Nigger in Charge walking on the Great Red Wall.


First and foremost she's an attention whore; I doubt she won't be running for something or another in 2012. Maybe dog catcher. It would certainly be mavericky of her.

If that interview is as full of stupid as the rest of her facebook notes are then I'm in for a rollicking good time.

And nothing takes precedence over the Haus of Gaga 😛


The only thing I remember about the video is GaGa prancing around half naked. That, and the Alexander McQueen armadillo shoes.

(PS on the postcard;
Ask and ye shall receive.)


You like Lady Gaga because the Man wants you to.

Southside Rabbitslayer

You've probably already seen this but it's definitely worth a revisit.

eccentric recluse

never heard of Lady GaGa. I expect to see the former Alaska Guv as the new Billy Mays sometime soon

Southside Rabbitslayer

Once lady GaGa made it to southpark in the Saving the Whales episode my life gained a completion i never thought possible.


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As much as I hate to admit this, how the fuck can you NOT like that? I think I might be down with this Gaga thing.

Orhan Kahn

Palin got chased out of her latest book signing, would get you the YouTube link but that would require effort.

And that Gaga video clip is terrible. Very cheap production. Good song though.